About 9 Mission


The Fund’s missions are to guarantee the customers deposits of Banking Institutions and MFIs authorized in the WAMU and to participate in the Resolution of institutions subject to this regime.

– As such, he is responsible :

  to reimburse the depositors, in case of unavailability of their déposits, up to a limit defined by the Council of Ministers of the WAMU

  to finance Resolution actions at the request of the Resolution College of the Banking Commission

  to ensure the conduct of actions, in particular in partnership with other relevant actors, in favor of the promotion of financial literacy in the Member States of the UMOA.

– In addition, in carrying out its missions, the Fund is empowered in particular to:

  collect contributions from Members and mobilize all other resources necessary for the performance of its missions

  participate in the work of the Resolution College

  manage the resources collected

  issue Circulars intended for members, relating to the methods of application and / or interpretation of the provisions of these Statutes

  solicit reports from members

  negotiate and sign information exchange agreements with the Institutions and Organs of the Union

  join any regional, continental or international body related to the same subject or whose activity is of interest to the Fund

  conclude cooperation agreements with any other institution, as necessary