Regional financial education program
Financial Education 9 Regional Program

Financial education appears today as one of the essential pillars of the development of financial inclusion in the world. This is why the WAEMU authorities have made it a priority. This desire is reflected in the Regional Strategy for Financial Inclusion, whose action plan provides, in its axis n ° 4 entitled “Strengthening financial education and customer protection of financial services”, the development of a Program. regional financial education in UEMOA. Through this Program, the monetary authorities of the Union want to give themselves the means to achieve the objective, clearly defined in the regional strategy, of financially including 75% of the adult population in the WAEMU and to better understand target UEMOA populations, in particular children and young people in schools, young people outside of school, women, employees in the public and private sectors, the elderly, rural populations and small and medium-sized enterprises , the measures taken to ensure their protection against the risks induced by the use of financial services.

Thus, the general objective of the Regional Program is to give the populations of the Union the knowledge required in financial matters, in order to enable them to make informed choices and make informed decisions with full knowledge of the facts.

This document is a roadmap, which aims to serve as a frame of reference for Member States of the Union, in setting up their national education program financial, and to set priorities at the regional level, over the next five (5) years, i.e.

over the period 2019-2023.

The FGDR-UMOA will make its contribution to the implementation of the program in consultation with the main actors concerned.

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