Legal framework and regulatory

Regulatory texts


The regulatory corpus governing the activity of the FGDR-UMOA is composed of several texts taken on the one hand, by the Council of Ministers of the UMOA in accordance with the prerogatives assigned to it by the West African Monetary Union Treaty and on the other hand, by the bodies of the Fund, namely the Board of Directors and the Management.

The Fund has the following texts:


 Circular NR 001 relating to the terms of membership of the FGD-UMOA

 Circular NR 002 relating to the contributions of members to the FGD-UMOA

 Decision establishing a mechanism for resolving banking crises in UMOA

 Decision setting the contribution rates for FGD-UMOA members

 Decision on the modalities for the designation of the representatives of the States within the board of directors of the FGD-UMOA

 Decision authorizing the BCEAO to create an FGD in the member states of the UMOA

 Decision establishing the FGD-UMOA